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Scheduling Service Saves Money!

Maintaining your vehicle is the key to saving money and the stress of unexpected breakdowns. By using our scheduled routine maintenance, you can drive with the comfort in knowing that you have done all you can to keep your vehicle in tip top condition and running smoothly every day.

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Important Facts About Our Services

Our services are more comprehensive than many shops advertise. Therefore, although our services may seem more expensive, they often are less expensive when compared "apple to apple" with other service facilities.

You can rest assured that you are paying a fair price when we service your vehicle. When shops have one set price for all cars, some customers get a fantastic deal while others pay too much. For example, if your car only needs 4 spark plugs, you shouldn’t pay the same as someone whose vehicle takes 8 spark plugs.

When we service your vehicle, we will give it a thorough "top to bottom" inspection. If anything is found needing attention, we will provide a written estimate for the repair and discuss it with you.

Some vehicles require platinum-tipped spark plugs, while others use less expensive resistor plugs. This impacts pricing dramatically. It is for this reason we quote spark plug replacement separately on an "as necessary" basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Each vehicle varies slightly, therefore pricing can be influenced. Please ask for an estimate for your specific vehicle.

3,000 MILES
$39.95 (most vehicles)
Change engine oil
Inspect air filter
Inspect belts
Top off all fluids
Replace oil filter
Inspect hoses
Lube chasis
Check wiper blades

7,500 MILES
$49.95 (most vehicles)

3,000 mile service
Rotate tires
Inspect brakes
Check wiper blades
Adjust tire pressure

15,000 MILES
$54.75 (most vehicles, parts are additional)

Change engine oil
Replace oil filter
Rotate tires
Check fluids
Lube chassis
Inspect drive belts
Inspect air filter
Inspect hoses
Inspect brakes
Inspect exhaust
Adjust tire pressure
Inspect suspension
Recommended additional services at 15,000 miles: brake fluid flush, fuel filter replacement

30,000/60,000/90,000 MILES $399.00 (most vehicles)
*parts are additional*

Change engine oil
Replace oil filter
Inspect cooling system
Inspect drive belts
Inspect hoses
Drain and fill radiator (and block)
Inspect brake linings
Inspect brake hoses/connections
Service transmission
Inspect exhaust system
Inspect spark plugs
Replace air filter
Replace cabin air filter (if equipped)
Rotate tires and set tire pressure
Check and fill all fluids
Inspect suspension and steering
Lube chassis
Inspect drive train fluids (adjust as nec.)
Replace fuel filter (if applicable)
Replace P.C.V. valve
Inspect wiper blades
Inspect emission control system
Inspect ignition cables
Inspect or replace distributor cap
and rotor (if equipped)
Flush brake fluid
Service throttle body
Inspect parking brake operation
Check all exterior lights

NOTE: Spark plug replacement quoted separately (spark plugs are inspected each service, but are not always necessary)

Note: Some vehicles require the Timing Belt be replaced at 60,000 or 90,000 miles. If it is not replaced it can break, causing severe internal engine damage. If your vehicle requires a Timing Belt replacement, we will let you know and provide an estimate for replacement.

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